Innovation & Collaboration

We are constantly working to develop new technologies that enhance our mainstays and to also create new best-sellers. We labor tirelessly to increase our product range, listen to our customers needs and desires, and address practical solutions that make the end user have a better experience.

Key Recent Game Changers:

  • Partners with Under Armour to create MagZip®  – the world’s first magnetic self aligning zipper 
  • Develops StretchTek® – a patented stretchable, highly durable zipper for the luggage and footwear industries
  • Partners with Columbia Sportswear to create LightRail™  – an ultra lightweight, low profile, waterproof zipper without tape 
  • Develops a patented Interchangeable zipper for the mattress industry
  • Partners with Sunbrella to develop SunZip™ –  a UV resistant zipper designed for marine applications 
  • Expands IDEAL Earth (Sustainable) zipper collection

Columbia LightRail™ Zipper